Copper Refinishing & Re-Tinning

Normandy Metal offers re-tinning for your copper pots & pans.

Normandy is an expert in re-tinning food grade copper pots and pans with high quality, grade "A" tin. Our tin is applied by a hand wiping method.

Re-tinning is NSF & USDA approved and will not to peel, crack or flake away. In many cases your food equipment outlasts its original coating. No need to discard it. Used food equipment can be re-tinned in most cases for less than half the cost of replacement.

Click here for our copper refinishing & re-tinning FAQs.

How to calculate the cost for your piece:

Measure from the rim, down the side, across the bottom, and up the other side to the nearest half inch. Multiply that total (X) times $8.00.

Measure rectangle and oval pots length-wise. Measure lids straight across.

You may ship them directly to Normandy by UPS (go here for shipping info) and when completed we will ship them back to you at no charge.

We charge $8.00 per inch which includes re-tinning of the entire pot/pan or kitchen utensil and polishing the outside of the item. Turn around time can vary from 5 weeks all the way up to 8 weeks during our peak season.

Click here for our copper refinishing & re-tinning FAQs.

Normandy Metal Refinishers has become the leader in complete metal restoration. With three generations of knowledge to call upon, we have unquestionable experience in restoring metal articles to their original splendor.