Your family treasures can never be replaced with modern reproductions. The fine detail, intricate design and high quality of older pieces is not found in today's silver. Investing in the repair of antiques and old silver not only restores, but also extends the life of the piece. Most importantly, the original beauty is regained and the sentimental value of the heirloom, which is priceless.

Our repairs to brass, copper, silver, pewter, and bronze, and other metals include: removing dents, recasting/making missing pieces, soldering broken pieces, furnishing/installing new blades, fitting mirrors, and replacing brushes and combs.

Normandy can repair almost anything:

Tea Sets
Coffee Sets
Sugar Bowls
Brass Beds
Fire Screens
Tool Sets
Door Hardware
Marine Hardware
bathroom Fixtures
Salt & Pepper Shakers
Cruet Sets
Cook Ware Tinning

Metalware repair

Each silver piece is carefully inspected by our experts prior to and during each phase of the restoration. All work is then executed using time-honored techniques and authentic tools. Our repair shop services are the backbone of any proper restoration project. Silver pieces thought to be beyond hope as well as minor repairs are all undertaken with equal importance.

Our silversmith can carefully remove dents, reshape, solder broken pieces, and even remanufacture a missing part in sterling, copper, bronze, or white metal.

Flatware repair

Garbage disposals are the main source of silverware damage!

But even what looks impossible to repair after being caught in one, can almost always be restored, sometimes at half the price of a new one. A priceless baby spoon ground up badly can probably be saved by our experienced silversmith.

Statue restoration

Normandy offers complete restoration services for objects of art in bronze and allied metals. Objects that have been cracked or broken can be reStatue Restoration, repairpaired i.e. welded, soldered, finished, colored. These repairs, once made, will be invisible. Missing parts can be re-sculpted to match the original. Castings of these parts can be reattached, properly finished and match to the original.

Normandy Metal Refinishers has become the leader in complete metal restoration. With three generations of knowledge to call upon, we have unquestionable experience in restoring metal articles to their original splendor.